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Simple ways for android data recovery


Android data recovery program helps in retrieval of lost files such as messages, contact number, photos, albums, all the downloaded apps, call history and many more. This recovery program is available for almost all the android phones, tablets or computers like Samsung, lava, HTC, Nexus, LG, Sony, etc. In android there is recovery mode for device maintenance to avoid sudden loss of data from the phone. It can be done through SD cards also by updating and backing up data.

Set your phone in Recovery mode:

  • Turn off the Device.
  • Press volume up and power button together.
  • Press volume down button to go to recovery mode.

Android data recovery

Things needed for recovery:

  • Android recovery app: download Android data recovery app keeping in concern that the particular app supports your computer and mobile phones. It helps in recovering data in a simple and easy way.
  • Latest updated version: for recovery process it is important that one should download latest android version as it helps user to occupy more MB in the phone.
  • Computer- for data recovery a computer is needed as after downloading the recovery app mobile phones or tablets are connected to computer and then the further process takes place.
  • Data storage- for recovery you must have good storage in the android phone or tablets only then it can be recovered as recovery process takes larger space.

Steps for android recovery

  • Connect device to the computer- it is tough to recover the device through phone or tablet so connect it to computer and stop any downloading in it.
  • Enable USB debugging- it is an option for android recovery for developers to test and check the progress of recovering
  • Collect files to be recovered- gather all the files to be recovered and make a folder of it then start the process
  • Empower android approach- approach the recovery device and follow the steps asked.

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