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Guide to fit a bracelet


Sterling silver cuff bracelet has been in fashion from generations and still continue to be part of people’s attire. Know to be one of the best example of craftsmanship, it has been uncompetitive and marked as a joy of lifetime. It is quite affordable and can be kept as a moment of token for future generations to come. If maintained and fitted well can be worn lifetime. Before getting yourself one, you should see that it fits well. So here is the guide to fit:

sterling silver cuff bracelet

How it should fit?

People often pull out the sterling silver cuff bracelet wrong. They just try pulling it out causing reddening of wrists. The cuff should be pulled out from its opening. If you are not able to roll it out then you have some size problem. Don’t try resizing the bracelet on your own. Repeatedly squeezing and opening can damage the metal. It will lead to shorten its lifeline. So better take it to an expert for resizing.

How to resize a cuff?

For resizing the opening of the cuff should be kept closer. But don’t make it bend else you will lose the charm of the cuff and you will face pulling it out from the wrists. Make sure that the stone settings on tops of the cuff bracelet is well supported while resizing. Remember if there are inlay stones all over the cuff then adjusting it can be difficult sometimes impossible. Also don’t try getting it fit repeatedly because silver is soft metal.


These cuff bracelets add finishing touch to your attire. So always wear a perfect fit bracelet. While buying online you will often find the width mentioned. You just have to measure and get the right size. In case you are finding it to be lose you can go for resizing.

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